2017 The article De Viti de Marco, the "European war" and President Wilson (with F.Martelloni), is available at JHET Accepted Typescripts series.

2017 The two articles Heterogenesis of Ends: Herbert Spencer and the Italian Economists (with C. Sunna), and On the origins of the concept of natural monopoly: economies of scale and competition , have been selected for Routledge Historical Resources: History of Economic Thought.

2017 The article Antonio de Viti de Marco in History News Network website is entirely based on the documentary movie "Antonio de Viti de Marco. A Story worth Remembering", and on the book with the same title (edited by M. Mosca), published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016.

2015 Presentation of "R. Triffin, Monopoly in particular-equilibrium and in general-equilibrium economics, in Econometrica. Journal of the Econometric Society vol. 9, 1941, n.2, pp. 121-127", in Robert Triffin. Une Anthologie, Triffin International Foundation.

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Documentary on Antonio de Viti de Marco A Story Worth Remembering (movie)

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A lesson on Donato Menichella (in Italian), 10 May 2007, it is part of the project Storie interrotte. Il Sud che ha fatto l'Italia

Antonio de Viti de Marco a settant'anni dalla morte, Galatina, UniversitÓ popolare, 28 febbraio 2014.